Memorial Village Project – Ridgeley Place Stair Addition

This Memorial Village project in Houston is a great example of big challenges and the application of effective and timely solutions. For example, the stairs were originally constructed out of lumber and thusly not designed or water proofed properly for the outdoors. When we rebuilt there was an obvious need to apply newer water proofing technology and techniques to prolong the life of the new structure.

Another challenge was finding the original travertine tile that was used in the construction 10 years prior. We found the tile supplier and located a small quantity of tile, but it was in San Antonio. Problem: not enough time to have it shipped to us. Solution: we sent one of our guys to San Antonio to pick it up.

The greatest challenge was the time constraint on the project. The new owners were moving in soon after the damage was initially discovered during the home inspection.  After we started to repair the stairs we learned that the damage was more extensive than originally thought. However, we were able to completely reconstruct the stairs in time for the new owners to move in and enjoy the pool with their children and friends.