Kevin Vick Kitchen Bath Trends Article

Kevin Vick Kitchen bath trends article entitles “Kitchens and Baths remain popular projects” article published in the March 25th 2017 in the House to Home section of the Houston Chronicle. It explores new products and design trends when remodeling a home.  

“There are many new trends we are seeing in kitchens and baths, and there are new products on the market that are growing in popularity with homeowners remodeling,” said Kevin Vick, president and chief executive officer of Vick Construction and Remodeling and president of Greater Houston Builders Association Remodelers Council.

For example, in the kitchen, stainless steel has always been popular for appliances. But the new trend is black stainless, which is a muted black. Double ovens, the same size as a single oven, are also popular, for warming and baking.

When it comes to tile backsplashes, a new design trend is to have a contrasting grey grout.

“Farmhouse sinks, with a front apron are a hot trend, as well as soft closing drawers, which have been popular and are continuing to be in demand. When it comes to countertops, quartz material- with a straight edge on the perimeter and thinner than what is being used on islands –is popular” Vick said.

Open shelves in cabinets without doors, are also seeing a comeback.

In addition, barn doors that slide on rails are hot. These doors are being used in every room of the house, but are most popular for kitchens, and bathrooms.

“Lighting is also important, and recessed LED lighting is the new technology being sought, since incandescent light bulbs are being phased out,” Vick said.

Chandeliers are also a popular style pick.

“New features people are adding are chandeliers in bathrooms and bedrooms, and they are now adding two chandeliers over the dining table” Vick said.

When it comes to paint colors for kitchens and baths, and the whole house, inside and out, gray tones are tending, and this appears to raise the value. 

“When it comes to flooring for all rooms in the house, the trend is tile planks that look like wood. This flooring is very realistic, beautiful and durable. Clients are using hardwood flooring too, such as hand-scraped wood planks,” Vick said.

In bathrooms, many are replacing their traditional-style vanities with those with furniture legs.

Modern sinks that sit atop vanities, instead of being recessed are continuing to be in demand. There are many different types, colors and styles to choose from.

This article was written by Rebecca Maitland