CAPS Remodelers: Helping Clients Stay in the Home They Love

Excerpt from the National Aging in Place Council

CAPS Remodelers: Helping Clients Stay in the Home They Love

The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) now estimates that over 70% of homeowners doing a remodeling project are planning for the future needs of themselves or their parents. This trend has become so prevalent, that the NAHB established the Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) designation, where select builders and remodelers become certified as an Aging in Place Specialist.  A CAPS Specialist is trained in Universal Design Principals, which makes a home more livable for all ages and stages of life.  Aging in place is a term that refers to staying in your home comfortably and safely, now and in the future.

When remodeling your home, think about your future needs.  “Adding Universal Design Principals makes a home more livable for all and makes it more appealing when it is time to sell. Done right, Universal Design elements are desirable and value enhancing.  Equally important, when purchasing a home that you plan on renovating, consult with an experienced CAPS Remodeler.” says Blake Owen, longtime Naples Realtor with Amerivest Realty.

In addition to giving general remodeling ideas and estimates, a CAPS Remodeler will conduct a thorough home evaluation, suggesting Universal Design elements. These can include leveling sunken floors, widening hallways or doorways, adding lighting and other accessibility features throughout the home.

According to Zito, here is an overview of the three most popular.

Barrier-Free Bathrooms –Revamping the existing space to add a luxurious walk in shower with a sitting stool.  The shower should have an entry threshold of less than 4 inches to eliminate tripping hazards.  A bench in a zero step shower is spa like and popular with all ages.  Simple changes can also include adding single-lever style faucets and anti-scalding devices.

Accessible Kitchens – Reconfiguring the layout to make it more open and adding new cabinets with easy to use roll out shelves and handles versus knobs. Many opt for new appliances at lower heights with easy to use controls.

Additions – Adding a first floor master suite for themselves or their parents, eliminates any current or future problems with stairs in a two-story home.  If you live in a multi-story home, can it be retrofitted with an elevator? Adding an elevator or even a convenient dumbwaiter is not as expensive as one might think, and studies show that they enhance home value.